Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Time Out in the Shed: a cup of Tea with Tim Edwards, our Artist of the Week

As per last week - this is our new feature that allows us to get to know our Artists of the Week a little better! Tim joined us for a virtual cup of tea, and shared a bit about his passion and photographic history. Enjoy!

Timber Wolf amongst Aspens, Alaska, USA
Tim Edwards
What first drew you to photography?
I have always been interested in art and did an A level in this subject back in the 1970’s! Photography was an extension to this interest in art and I was probably a frustrated landscape oil painter. I became really interested in photography trying to get pictures of lovely landscapes to show my parents who had worked hard to be able to send me on Summer trips with the scouts when I was in my early teens. Their little box brownie didn’t allow me to get the results that I could see with my eye and I found that really frustrating!

What is your favourite photographic memory, and why?
I guess my favourite photographic memories come from the time when I first got a 35mm SLR in the late 1970’s and I was able to experiment and get much better results through trial and error. I have never had a lesson and enjoyed learning this way. You will always make mistakes and it’s good to learn like this. Many years later I had some great memories in wild and remote places photographing landscapes and animals.
Pinnacles Desert, Namburg National Park, W. Australia
Tim Edwards
Who is your favourite photographer, and why?
I would like to say something like Henri Cartier Bresson but I never really studied the history of photography. Ansel Adams’ black and white images really appealed to me but I have mostly been influenced by more recent photographers. I cannot really choose a favourite photographer as there are so many that have influenced me. I like American landscape and wildlife photographers like David Muench, Pat O’Hara and Art Wolfe. I really loved the pictures taken by Peter Dombrovkis of the wilder parts of Tasmania. During his lifetime he wanted to record these places from a conservation perspective. Many years ago I went to a photographic talk by John Beatty in North Wales. My wife recently bought me a wonderful ‘retrospective’ book by this influential photographer. I also really enjoy seeing photographs by Laurie Campbell who is another amazing photographer.

What would be your ideal camera, and where would you take it?
I loved using my Pentax LX’s back in the days of Kodachrome and velvia! I had a Pentax 645 and used it for a few years with pleasing results. I would like a medium format landscape camera like this. I don’t know if anything like this exists! I would take it to Pembrokeshire or the Cornish coasts to get to know how it works! I think in future I would like to use a 90 or 100mm macro lens and focus on composition and form.

Tell us what you enjoy most about your own work, and what has inspired you recently.
I think my best pictures have been taken on wild coasts and in the mountains. These are places that I find beautiful and enjoy being in. Whenever I see amazing pictures in books and magazines they inspire me to want to get out and take pictures again.

Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Canada
Tim Edwards

Do you have bursts of creativity - and when/where are you most creative?
My bursts of creativity in the past have coincided with being in some wild places. That is all that I need to have to be creative, just be in the right place and wait for the right light.

What are the most important elements of a successful photo?
I think it’s difficult to say what are the most important elements of a successful photograph as photographs come in all ‘shapes and sizes’. There are landscapes where the right type of lighting is crucial or wildlife where an animal can be seen within its environment. Composition and form style photography really needs to appeal to any individual who looks at the picture. Sometimes a picture just ‘works’ and that’s great!

Sunrise over Loch Bad a Ghaill, Ross & Cromerty, Scotland
Tim Edwards

Thanks very much Tim, for taking the time to chat to us. Please visit Tim's Shed Profile to see more of his stunning images - where they are all for sale as well, go on, treat yourself!

And please leave any comments, feedback or responses for Tim on here, in the box below. 

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