Monday, 30 April 2012

Artist of the Week: Charles Hallsworth

A Corner of a Field that is England
Charles Hallsworth

We are very pleased to introduce Charles Hallsworth as our Artist of the Week this week! Currently based in Dorset, Charles is an artist and a photographer. Inspired by Landscape and Water, Charles' work is varied and enchanting. As ever, we will be hearing from Charles himself throughout the week - although he is especially busy at the moment with a big exhibition, and preparation for Open Studios. More info on both of those ventures coming soon!

In the meantime enjoy this taster of Charles' work...

On the Wing
Charles Hallsworth

Charles Hallsworth

West Bay Storm 
Charles Hallsworth

And to see more of Charles' work, please visit his Shed Profile!

1 comment:

  1. This has been a bit of an odd week to be Artist of Week - It started with recovering from a 2 week Exhiibition of paintings at the Bridport Arts Centre that went very weLl and had a good number of visitors. Having taken down the exhibits leaves one with a storage problem, particularly when pieces are 2x2 metres. Such large works look good but are a challenging to move about - we had to take one of the doors off it's hinges at the Art Centre to squeeze it in! And out !!! Then walking through Bridport with a large canvas raised few eyebrows.

    Having everything back to the studio leaves the challenge of re-arranging the hanging ready for the Dorset Arts Weeks, so this was the main task!

    But then I also had to go judge a photo competition for a local club on one evening - very sociable evening and good to see some interesring pic's.

    Unfortunately then I came down with flu, which I had been fighting for a couple of days.

    After getting bored suffering bed I took my laptop to bed and searched thru' some photo sites and Q&A's on photography.. Don't often get the chance to do this but it was useful - read up some interesting stuff about white balance and getting sharper pic's not that they are related! So will play next week and get my tripod out - don't normally like using it!

    Being laid up has also given me time to an a couple of outings for local photo shoots - these give me 2 opportunities - photos and paintings. Yes I carry both a camera bag and a sketch/paint bag in the car!!! My current theme is capturing Dorset Downland with under-tones of Thomas Hardy.

    Roll on the long weekend!