Saturday, 7 April 2012

Guest blog by Alfredo Lietor, our Artist of the Week

I discovered the shed photography by accident. It happens that I live a few metres from where the Shed Shop in Barcelona is located. One day something in the window shop caught my attention and decided to enter for the first time. The girl there explained me what The Shed Photography was about, it sounded so good to me that when I arrived home that day, I decided to join. A few months have passed since then, and now I'm Artist of the Week!!! I could have never imagined that this would happen, but now i know for sure that it was a good idea to enter the shed that day. 

Now I can only say THANK YOU to Chelsea, Ben, Lauren, and everybody at The Shed for this great opportunity. I'm now involved in the organization of an international art fair in Palma de Mallorca, Flesh Art Fair, and I know how difficult for an artist is to enter the hermetic art world.
Like Ben and Chelsea at The Shed Photography, with Flesh Art Fair we want to give artists an opportunity to showcase and sell their work in an event for artists, made by artists. 

At this moment we are receiving submissions from artists, most of them painters (Photographers where are you?) So If you want to participate, or want to know more about the fair, please visit our or contact me for more info! It could be really nice to see some Shed photographers there!



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