Thursday, 5 April 2012

Alfredo, our Artist of the Week, reflects on some of his favourite pieces in the Shed Gallery

Here are a few of Alfredo's favourite images, chosen from the Shed Gallery, with his reflections. Enjoy!

I like green photos, from great landscape photography, to plant photography. I love the subject of this image. A nature that takes control again and tries to recover a lost territory. Civilization remains being devoured by an exuberant nature. Ironic. 
Michelle Frederick

This still life is directly connected to those baroque paintings where you can find layers and layers of symbolism and meaning. The dark inside and the bright outside, light and shadow, life and death. A lot to read from this image.
Autumn Window
Paula Youens

Landscape photography at its best! Love the pictorical appearance of this one. This is a perfect example that most of the time "bad weather" means good weather for photographs. 
Patagonia Mountain, Chile 
Philippa Gedge

I find this one to be a little bit ironic. The superposition of the two layers gives the image a new dimension. Big vs. small. It makes me feel tiny.
Cerise 1
Vibeke Nordtomme

I like the overall "vintage" feeling of this image, but what i most like about this one is that it suggests a lot more than it tells. You can read in this image the story of many lives saved... or not.
Life Raft
Caroline Collett

I love this Landscape in Colour 1 by Charles Hallsworht. From the grainny texture, to the surreal color gradient, the "lo-fi" appearance... A photograph that looks like a painting. 
Landscape in Colour 1
Charles Hallsworth

I like this one, just because I love to photograph stairs. I don't know why, but it's one of my favourite subjects. Maybe because they are really photogenic? In this case I love the texture, the low key, the crop, the absence of humans... all this gives the image a mystery halo very appealing to me.
Painter Gimeno Staircase
Massimiliano Maddalena

I like Jess Douglas' illustrations. I like those isolated urban landscapes lost in the plain background inmensity. 
If Jess finds beauty in the ugly and mundane, I find beauty in her illustrations. 
East Village
Jess Douglas
Who can resist this one?
I love the way Lauren impersonates Che Guevara and by doing so, she adds new meanings to this iconic image. I see a lot of references here, questions about identity, about power and gender, and about Photography itself.
Che Guevara
Lauren Fox

Thank you Alfredo, for sharing these thoughts with us! 

To see Alfredo's own work, please visit his Shed Profile. And to buy the pieces shown here, or any of our Shed Creatives' work, please visit our Shed Shop!


  1. Caroline Collett5 April 2012 at 15:26

    Hi Alfredo
    Interesting choices and I loved hearing the reasons you liked each image. Thank you for including one of mine!

  2. Hi Alfredo,
    thank you for chosing my picture and thanks for your comment.
    The staircase is one of my favourite subjects maybe because it stays still and I am very slow ;)
    In every staircase composition I try to give the upward direction. Thank you for invite Shed photographers to the Flashart fair, but I don't have enough budget...
    My best regards

    Keep in touch