Monday, 2 April 2012

Artist of the Week: Alfredo Liétor

Alfredo Liétor
Our Artist of the Week this week is Alfredo Liétor! Alfredo is a Spanish, Barcelona-based photographer, who has won a series of prizes for his work over the years, and was a finalist in last year's Photography competition at the Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona (CCCB website). His work seems to document absence, and his striking structural images have a sense of emptiness about them, as he rarely includes people, or living things, in his images. This results in a powerful pull, that draws you in, wanting to know what happened here, or where everyone has gone.

Alfredo Liétor 
Alfredo Liétor
Alfredo Liétor
Alfredo is currently part of the team setting up an exciting new International art fair - Flesh Art Fair, that will take place this summer in Mallorca, Spain. Do have a look at their website for more info, and we'll be talking to him more about this new project in the next few days. Alfredo also works as an amateur composer, and co-produces 'Grimaldi' - a pop-band based in Barcelona.

We will be hearing more from Alfredo this week, including an interview with him, and his thoughts on some of the work of his fellow Shed Creatives. In the meantime though, please do have a look at his Shed Profile, and also his own, captivating, website:

Alfredo Liétor

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