Sunday, 22 April 2012

Artist of the Week: Marisa Lopez

This week our celebrated Artist of the Week is Marisa Lopez! Born in the USA, Marisa has lived for the last 7 years in Spain, where she is currently based. Marisa represents over 60 of National Geographic's top photographers, journalists, scientists and explorers for international events. She also collaborates closely with Swedish photographer Mattias Klum, organising photographic exhibitions at major venues worldwide.

Chameleon, Mount D'Ambre, Madagascar
Marisa Lopez

Aside from all of that, Marisa is also a really talented photographer, and is inspired by her travels. Experiencing new places forces her to see with new eyes. She is drawn to bright colours, textures, and contrasts, and this is very apparent in her vibrant, striking images. 

Fishing Net, Ramena Bay, Madagascar
Marisa Lopez

We'll be hearing from Marisa herself this week - and getting to know a bit more about her work and what makes her tick as a photographer. In the meantime though, do have a look at her Shed Profile to read more, and to see more of her work!

Teapots, Marrakech, Morroco
Marisa Lopez

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