Friday, 20 April 2012

Graham Wiffen, our Artist of the Week, picks a few favourites from the Shed Gallery

To finish off this weeks blogging for the Shed, I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite images from the site, and explain a little as to why I like each one. It will come as no surprise that many are related in some way to the sea.
The first is Mark Thomas's  image of the pier at White Rock and I love the feel of it through the use of black and white. The patterns looking down through the struts and the ripples on the sand bring this alive for me. The detailing on the barnacles and the posts really adds to the stark feel of this image.
The next is a macro shot from Michael Tuska, Close up & personal to a Dahlia. I love macro photography and have great admiration for those who can do it well. Here the flower is well lit, right across the image with some lovely rim lighting going on at the top of the flower head. You can see the patterns and shapes inside each head really clearly and the overall effect is a great pattern image.

Close up & personal to a Dahlia
Michael Tuska

Next is a shot by Benjitas of the boats down at Beer. This is a spot I know well and have visited many times; there is so much to work with as a photographer. Here Benjitas has captured the boats, all in a row, against the setting sun. The use of a wide angle lens has accentuated the form of the boats and the letterbox crop adds to this image. Great colours here and the pebbles in the foreground are nice and sharp and lead you into the boats.
Another great shot on the Shed is from Andy White, and I have chosen the August Mist from Quarr Hill which is an area I know well and have shot many times myself. Andy has a great eye and his images always seem to convey more than just a picture. Here you can feel that cold and misty morning feeling with the sun up, warming and dispelling the mists, casting shadows across the valleys. The light fades in tonality as you go up the image from this lush green at the base to almost monochrome at the top. A very relaxed and tranquil feel.
Buoys by Charles Hallsworth is another favourite. Being a yacht skipper I have a real love of all things related to the sea, boats and the colours and images that go with them. Here Charles has seen something many would have passed, a few old buoys sitting in an old boat, but he has captured the vibrancy of it so well. The details and colours in the boat are lovely, lit by what looks like the sun very low in the sky warming everything in its wonderful warming glow. Well seen.
My final image is that from Tricia Scott, Sea Worn II. I love to wander beaches and look round the old boats you see along the shorelines and here, Tricia has captured one of them in close detail. The colours and patterns of then image make it much more than just an old boat. The rust, the shackles, ropes, knots and the faded, peeling colour of the boat itself come together to form a very pleasing image. You can feel its been working hard during its life and now needs a bit of TLC.
Well done to all the artists and photographers here. Keep up the good work of seeing something that others haven't; to keep your eye out for some detail, or scene that inspires you, and therefore the rest of us too.

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