Monday, 7 May 2012

Sea series, by Tricia Scott

The following images are from two series' by Tricia Scott, our Artist of the Week. They reflect her passion and interest in the sea: it's strength, it's powerful energy, that is both a constructive and destructive force. Sea Worn and Sea Weathered are both featured on Tricia's Shed Profile, where all these images can be bought in a range of sizes.

More coming from Tricia this week, so don't go far!

Sea Weathered I
Tricia Scott

Sea Weathered II
Tricia Scott

Sea Worn I
Tricia Scott

Sea Worn II
Tricia Scott
As ever, comments, thoughts and feedback on the work showcased here is greatly appreciated by the artist, and the work often gives us a nice starting point for a dialogue on the style, composition, or subject matter presented. So don't be shy, post a comment and let us/Tricia know what you think! 

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