Friday, 4 May 2012

A few words from Charles Hallsworth, our Artist of the Week

This has been a bit of an odd week to be Artist of Week - It started with recovering from a 2 week Exhiibition of paintings at the Bridport Arts Centre that went very well and had a good number of visitors. Having taken down the exhibits leaves one with a storage problem, particularly when pieces are 2x2 metres. Such large works look good but are a challenging to move about - we had to take one of the doors off it's hinges at the Art Centre to squeeze it in! And out !!! Then walking through Bridport with a large canvas raised few eyebrows.

Having everything back to the studio leaves the challenge of re-arranging the hanging ready for the Dorset Arts Weeks, so this was the main task!

But then I also had to go judge a photo competition for a local club on one evening - very sociable evening and good to see some interesring pic's.

Unfortunately then I came down with flu, which I had been fighting for a couple of days.

After getting bored suffering bed I took my laptop to bed and searched thru' some photo sites and Q&A's on photography.. Don't often get the chance to do this but it was useful - read up some interesting stuff about white balance and getting sharper pic's not that they are related! So will play next week and get my tripod out - don't normally like using it!

Being laid up has also given me time to an a couple of outings for local photo shoots - these give me 2 opportunities - photos and paintings. Yes I carry both a camera bag and a sketch/paint bag in the car!!! My current theme is capturing Dorset Downland with under-tones of Thomas Hardy.

Roll on the long weekend!

Gardening Pinnacles
Charles Hallsworth

- Charles Hallsworth

To see more of Charles' work, please have a look at his Shed Profile! To buy any of his work, or that of any other Shed Creatives, feel free to visit our online Shed Shop.

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