Monday, 14 May 2012

Helen Clark, Artist of the Week, introduces herself..

Helen Clark is our Artist of the Week - UK born, she has spent the last 30 years living in Western Australia, where she is still based. She introduces herself below!

I spent over 2 years away in my early 20’s. I did Midwifery training in Taunton, Somerset and spent time in Yeovil, Chard and in fact got to know the local area quite well. I had an old mini traveller, with holes in the floor board and would travel down to Cornwall to visit my Father’s cousin, and drive all over the place, to Exmoor, Dartmoor and beyond, taking photos in those days with a Pentax K1000, SLR. My feet would get splattered when it had been raining, and I remember when the brakes failed going down the hill near Widdicome in Dartmoor;  my friend was hauling the handbrake and I was desperately trying to get into 1st gear….succeeded and eventually drove into a driveway somewhere! I think it snowed…anyway it was that cold while we were waiting for the AA. 

Great memories.

Which is why I re visited the UK 30 years down the track….A long time coming, (that was 2011) but had a great time catching up with old friends and places that were so nostalgic.
I now work as a Child Health Nurse (similar to a UK Health visitor but with our emphasis on 0-4 years) and Lactation Consultant. Now that my children are virtually grown up, as my youngest is at University this year, I have been re discovering my creative side.   Digital has been a blessing ( and a curse as technology is not my forté) and has allowed me to learn at a much faster rate. It is a journey of discovery, one that I am greatly enjoying.

- Thanks Helen! 

More from Helen on her work and inspirations later in the week. In the meantime please visit her Shed Profile to see her work, and follow her on Twitter @Helenrobem36 if you are a Tweet-er yourself!

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