Sunday, 20 May 2012

Artist of the Week: Ian Dicks

Introducing our very own Banksy, sorry, I mean Dixie - our Artist of the Week, and graffiti-artist-in-residence!

Urban Gorilla
Ian Dicks
Ian Dicks has his very own take on graffiti art, combining illustration with photoshop, old school craft with modern capabilities...or, in his own words:

So I thought... Why let Banksie have all the fun?... and then I thought...why end up breaking you neck or serving an uncomfortable prison sentence? And so Dixie was born... the wit of Banksy combined with the comfort of working from a cosy studio. Up the revolution! ...just give me a 'mo to put on my slippers..
Vegan Mary
Ian Dicks

Ian will be contributing to the blog all week, and we'll be showcasing some of his newest work. So watch this space! And in the meantime, check out his Shed Profile to see more. 

FTSE Cameron
Ian Dicks

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