Monday, 21 May 2012

Guest blog from Ian Dicks, our Artist of the Week

Thankfully, I'm not an artist, I'm an illustrator...When artists hear this they immediately regard me pityingly as if this is a terrible handicap. It's's terribly liberating; for while artists are forced into the straitjacket of a particular style, I'm at liberty to adopt whatever style pleases me

My Shed images are definitely not 'serious' art but 'fun' art..highly uncool in these days of stuffed sharks and unmade beds.

As the crowds dutifully queued sheep-like for Bankys' exhibition I thought...'I could do that,' and then I thought...'do I really want to be be caught clutching a spray can and worked over with a truncheon?'
The coward's answer was digital graffitti; a combination of carefully shot walls combined with my artwork and of course good old photoshop.

Through the medium of graffiti one can convey everything from political comment to the plain silly the result as these examples hopefully demonstrate.

Ian Dicks
- Thanks for this Ian! To see more of Ian's portfolio, visit his Shed Profile. Also check out his illustration website, and follow him on twitter @Cartoonist_No1 :-)

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