Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Sense of Beauty - Guest Blog by Caroline Collett, Artist of the Week

I do portraits quite rarely and not by commission, but I really enjoy them when I do. My starting point is when I come across a particular kind of female beauty, that intrigues me - and where you sense you might have to chase a little to pin it down.

I am really not interested in polish, poise or posing. I prefer a more direct and uncompromising relationship between camera and sitter. Here are six examples from three recent shoots. Only in the last of the images below did I try something a little more fanciful. These three sisters had such beautiful hair that I kept imagining it flowing and intertwined, which then made me think of the Lady of Shallot, ‘robed in snowy white’. I was after something non-contemporary and timeless.

- Caroline Collett

To see more of Caroline's work, please visit her Shed Profile.

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