Monday, 13 February 2012

Artist of the Week: Andy White

Lifebelt on Chesil Beach - Andy White

Our Artist of the Week this week is Andy White! Andy is a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society and will soon be submitting his application for an Associateship. Introduced to photography at a young age by his father, who developed images at home in the darkroom, Andy has just built his own darkroom at home and is enjoying rediscovering his passion as well as expanding his work in the digital field.

Andy has two main interests in his work at present: firstly - photographing the coast and countryside in all sorts of weather conditions, and secondly in contemporary photography with a view to challenging the perception of everyday scenes. 

Clouds over oats - Andy White
Potato field - Andy White
Beach Reflections, Pembrokeshire - Andy White

You can see the broad range of Andy's talent and beautiful work in his Shed Profile portfolio, and as ever, this week we will be hearing from Andy on here, and he will be presenting some of his new work too.

Please do feel free to comment and give Andy feedback!

Dawn, East Cliff West Bay - Andy White


  1. Lovely work Andy! I picked two of your photos when choosing my favourites from the gallery the other week, so I'm already a fan. I like the strong minimalism of the first three here in particular.

  2. Beautiful photos Andy! I particularly like Potato Feild and Beach Reflections, stunning use of light and contrasts

  3. What is so awesome about folks like Andy (with their ability to calculate, compose and capture) is their efforts, along with time will bring photography and photography artist to the level of art.