Thursday, 16 February 2012

Andy White, Artist of the Week - Reflections

Carrying on from our previous Artists of the Week I have picked out several images which I really like in The Shed. We are lucky to have such a diverse range of artwork and photographic imagery to choose from but after a long debate I have managed to whittle my pick down to five.

This is a wonderfully composed image with subtle colouring and an interesting sky. I like the small part of the window on the left which initially gives the impression that someone is keeping watch over the scene but after close scrutiny appears blank which adds to the mystery. Strong diagonals give the image its strength.

I have walked up and down these steps numerous times both before and after those awful steel structures were put in place. Never did I consider that there was such a strong image staring me in the eye. The simplicity of the Chelsea’s monochrome image tells us all we need to know – the steps themselves. We are invited up the well worn steps but are not given an opportunity to see where they lead to – we have to use our imagination as to what we will find at the top. We are however given a small hint by the tiny figures in the distance that there might be a way through. A wonderfully composed simple image which looks fantastic when printed large onto aluminium.

This is probably not the type of photograph that most people would put on their wall but this gruesome scene has been well composed and being in monochrome gives it great impact. The fish’s eye is a strong element in the composition and appears to be without emotion despite the fish having been dismembered.

An artwork rather than a photographic image. I do love all of Jess’ graphic images with the detailed drawing of the buildings and adverts coupled with the very subtle colour wash. As Addidas are designing and sponsoring all our athlete’s clothing for the Olympics I am sure they would be interested in this image.

A very simple image of a road at dusk/dawn showing light trails from vehicles passing by. This has been done many times before but this image works especially well because the lights are coming/going around a slight bend which then leads us to a tiny glimmer of light in the sky. I find it intriguing that there appears to be more vehicles coming towards us than going away and why no one is using the carriageway in the middle.

- By Andy White

To see Andy's own work please visit his Shed Profile. And to buy his, and any of the images seen here, please visit our online Shed Shop!


  1. Thanks for choosing my image, I personally love Matt's splitting headache, it's visceral, disturbing and utterly compelling.


  2. Hi Andy,

    thank you for choosing and give a critique on my image.
    I'm proud to recieve a critique from the "Potato's field" author as well as the "artist of the week". It's really satisfying!
    I love the way you use the colors in your artworks, but the monochromes are the ones I prefer.


  3. Hi Andy,

    I completely agree with you on 'not tonight love I have a splitting headache'. Beautifully shot piece with a great twist of humour, I would definately put it on my wall :) As you already know I am a great admirer of your work, (Potato Field's in particular)I really appreciate the way you play with light in your pieces.