Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Guest blog by Michael Tuska, Artist of the Week

Spontaneous Reaction - Happy Days, by Michael Tuska
I have enjoyed photography for many years although, admittedly not as seriously or, indeed, in depth, prior to the digital age. I suppose business and domestic responsibilities took priority for many years.

I am retired and was a company director for many years connected with printed folding carton manufacture and heavily involved at senior level with the major high street store groups. This of course brought me slap bang into photography for graphic design and packaging construction and development in general: as I took early retirement, that is now quite a few years ago .

Unknowingly, it obviously laid some foundations for photography, design appreciation and presentation.

The Royal Photographic Society of which I am a licentiateship member (LRPS) is one of the routes I choose to, I suppose, judge my photographic progress and am actively now pursuing the next distinction challenge for the ‘Associateship’ accreditation. This will now probably be via a final panel of fifteen images in the Professional and Applied section related to Documentary and Visual Journalism ( ie Candids, Street and Documentary type images).
Odd One Out, by Michael Tuska
My other interests are flora especially close-in macro type, closer detail landscapes and travel. My Travel ‘panel' based on a narrow strip of coastal land stretching from Lyme Regis to Exmouth failed in the final judgment although many thought it was good enough (only two passed out of twenty odd).

I belong to the local photographic club and enter various competitions locally and in competition with other clubs; with some rate of success. The apparent friendliness and camaraderie of The Shed is encouraging and I sincerely think that when the the new developments get up and running we will all benefit in the long run and hopefully gain notice and success.

I attach a few of my favourite images; hope you like them.

- Michael Tuska

Portofino NW Italy, by Michael Tuska
Sidmouth Fishing Boat, by Michael Tuska

Church Yard Fern, by Michael Tuska

Time on my own Barcelona Style, by Michael Tuska

To see more of Michael's work please visit his Shed Profile. And, as ever, please do feel free to comment and provide feedback to Michael on here!


  1. an interesting eye for composition

  2. Looking forward to seeing more images!

  3. You've captured the Barcelona I know so well perfectly! Well done!I also really love the Sidmouth fishing boat, lovely composition just as the person before mentioned.