Thursday, 2 February 2012

Five-a-day (Part II): By Caroline Collett, Artist of the Week

As my penultimate blog of the week, here are five further images from The Shed gallery by other photographers, which I find beautiful, provocative, touching or inspirational. Thanks to all who took them!

My first image of the day is ‘Legless’ by Mark Thomas. It’s just a great image – both funny and witty, which isn’t easy – and I love the Man Ray ‘rayograph’ feel.
Legless - by Mark Thomas
My second choice is ‘Apple’ by John Stevens. I’m not usually a fan of post-production – natural light is everything for me - but this image is something different. Rather than being part of the horrible urge to make melodrama out of drama, this is more like pop art, with a Warhol feel in the great choice of colour. It’s great!
Apple - by John Stevens
My third choice is ‘Clearing Rain Over the Dales’ by Helen Clark. I absolutely love Helen’s set of photos, not just because they’re such great examples of landscape photography at different scales, but because the subject matter is so close to my heart – the Dales and the Lakes are very much the background to my childhood. In this shot Helen has really captured the essential feel of the Dales – the ancient land, the dilapidated stone walling, the kaleidoscopic light and particularly the ever-changing skies, where several weather fronts always seem to be colliding.
Clearing Rain over the Dales - by Helen Clark
Image number four is ‘Juxtaposition composition Building with Tree’ by Pete Hackett. Simple and striking, the shape and texture of the geometric man-made building is set against an organic natural form, with neither gaining dominance. It’s this equal weighting that really makes the picture.
Juxtaposition composition Building with Tree
- by Pete Hackett
My final image today is Sky-Scoop by Lauren Fox. What is there to say? A perfect example of when simple is best.
Sky Scoop - by Lauren Fox

- Caroline Collett

To see Caroline's own work please visit her Shed profile. To view more work by any of the artists featured on this page, and to buy prints, please visit the Shed Website!


  1. Hi Caroline, Thank you for featuring one of my shots on your blog. Your comments are very encouraging. It's great to be part of such a creative web site. regards Helen

  2. Caroline Collett4 February 2012 at 05:06

    My pleasure Helen. Your shots are very evocative for me - no other landscape in the world has such an effect on me - and you catch it so well. I really enjoyed them.