Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Guest blog by Michael Tuska, Artist of the Week

I would like to offer my review of several exhibitors work although, if I may be so bold, introduce a little light heartedness into some of the comments.

You know, there used to be a game show where the hosts 'catchphrase' was….“say what you see”….

That’s what I intend to do.

Firstly, although I like to think I am a reasonable photographer, I am not an artist in the true sense of the meaning. I suppose some similar ‘yardsticks’ apply when reviewing artistic images, creations and photography in general.

Completely and utterly at random, the following creations caught my eye and any author, artists / creatives name that may at all appear familiar, is totally co-incidental.

A subtlety of colours with a vision of latent power and aggression long past, that the subject conveys through the through the mechanics and angular precision of the subject. A great close up image.

I have to admit I was drawn to this image as it is somewhat reminiscent of one of my images, ‘Norwegian Fjord’. The eeriness and mystery of the fabled ‘Land of the Trolls’...However, I am envious because it’s got the missing element that mine hasn’t - the boat!! Well done you!

This appeals to me personally not because it’s another image of flowers (I love flora) but because of the clever choice of the blue-painted stippled background surface. A very cool and freshness of subject.

Instantly drawn to this creation for its colour, the materials used and abstractness of shape. It would look fantastic placed in an alcove with a darkish background and strategicly spotlit from above. However! I would rename it ….‘A Leap into Freedom’. ‘Say what you see’ I say.

Like it lots; love the colour and shapes. When viewing entirely, both shapes remind me of the Iberian Peninsular and the Two Ugly Sisters.

Like viewing the ruins of ancient abbeys , castles and other historic ruins of the past. What went on there? What was life like?; close your eyes and you can almost hear the noises and industry going on.

An ideal setting for a period drama. Tread carefully round the corner as you don’t know what might be going on!!!

Absolutely love the colours and creation; the depthness of field; from the closeness of the rockpool, through the mid ground landscape to the distant horizon; ‘is that a yacht at sea or, is it floating on cloud nine’?

- Michael Tuska

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  1. What a diverse choice of images! Funny how you were drawn to some images that are similar to your own, I often do the same and think 'god wish I'd taken that'!
    My paintings were made here in Spain and i often reference maps so I'm delighted you picked up on that.
    I'm really enjoying your blog, look forward to reading more and seeing more images.

  2. Caroline Collett8 February 2012 at 05:15

    Hi Michael
    Yes, very interesting spread of images, from macro to micro and ultra-real to abstract! Delighted to have an image included that caught your eye. I did tons of different ways of looking at daisies for a charity called The Daisy Garland and this is one of them. Thank you.