Saturday, 11 February 2012

Michael Tuska, Artist of the Week - feedback please!

Here are a few images of Michael's most recent work, which he would really appreciate your feedback on! Fellow Shed Creative, enthusiast, or spectator, please do have a look, and comment below to let Michael know what you like, what you don't like, which you think are the strongest and why, etc. 

Or, if you'd rather not comment, do just enjoy the images :-) To see more of Michael's work, please do visit his Shed Profile, where you can also purchase prints of his, and other Shed Creatives' work.

A touch of sun lotion My Dear - M.Tuska

Jazz in Monmartre Hotting Up - M.Tuska

OK you've got the job - M.Tuska

Spontaneous Reaction, Happy Days - M.Tuska

Time on my own - M.Tuska

Bon Appetite - M.Tuska

Bus Stop Boredom - M.Tuska


  1. I think the first and third are the strongest Michael - the first because it's like a glimpsed, secret moment and is all about your eye and the third because it's fun and the angles of the legs mirror each other so well!

  2. I´m really taken by Á touch of sun lotion, beautiful and funny image with great composition