Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Guest blog by Pete Hackett, Artist of the Week

The Three by Three photographers: (from left to right) Jeremy Hayes, Pete Hackett, Andy Neal

At Art college I got into photography when I was given a camera and told to go out and take pictures.This was in the days of films so you only had limited shots, greater selection was needed. I mainly used those pictures in silk screen printing a process I really enjoyed.

Over the years I have continued taking pictures and in recently have had a resurgence of interest. Most recently because of my involvement in The Shed & blipfoto, an online daily journal, one picture a day. This ensures a lot more pictures are taken,instead of just noticing interesting stuff, it gets photographed.

This led to myself & two other local photographers mounting our own show at the Malthouse
in Lyme Regis, open till 23/12/11. Three by Three: three months of pictures by three photographers. A lot of interesting images.

I'm not working on any thing in particular right now, but I'm always 'working' on something.

- Pete

To see Pete's Shed profile, click here. 
Three by Three is on at the Malthouse, Lyme Regis, daily 11am-4pm until Friday 23/12/11.

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