Sunday, 4 December 2011

Artist of the Week: Michelle Frederick

We're very happy to celebrate Michelle Frederick as our Artist of the Week this week! Based in Barcelona, Michelle is a sculptor and photographer. Her work is strongly influenced by design and architecture, and she is particularly interested in spaces and how we relate to them.   

Michelle says: "Buildings serve not only as a form of shelter or a place to keep our belongings, but have a life in themselves. The events that take place in them shape their meaning. However, often a building is abandoned and stripped of its purpose, left to have the world continue on around it. It would seem that these abandoned buildings are dead, but on closer inspection, they appear to have more life than when they were inhabited. They hold memories, the presence of people, and a sense of mystery that inevitably draws me to them".

Michelle's sculptural work also reflects her interest in space and time, and this is reflected in her use of found wood and scrap metal, combined with newer materials.

Here are a couple of images of Michelle's work, and as ever we will be showcasing more of her work throughout the week, and hearing directly from the artist too. In the meantime, feel free to visit her Shed Profile, and also her blog, which is currently under construction but still well worth a visit!

Camera, found wood and steel 

Installation at Moritz Factory, Barcelona:
an homage to photographer Miroslav Tichy, commissioned by Bigas Luna


The Warehouse Series: Warehouse 4

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