Thursday, 29 December 2011

Collate Presents - exhibition opportunity

Collate Presents are currently calling for submissions for their Mull It Over exhibition - a collaborative project in Brighton, UK. They are not taking any commission on works sold, and the submission fee is only £1! It sounds like a really interesting project - have a look at their website for more info, to read the full brief, and submission info. Submissions close on January 2nd though - so get in there quick if you are interested!

Here is a summary of their Artists Brief:

The beautiful chaps at ‘Artists Residence’ have offered up their newly renovated gallery space to us to put on a stonking show. They will also be on the hunt for stock prints and pieces for their new shop so it is an ideal opportunity for you to meet a key local buyer.
MULL IT OVER will work as a theme, which you are welcome to use as inspiration for new works, however we are also really interested in works you have hidden away in sketchbooks or tucked away in a drawer or filed under ‘incongruous’ on your hard drive. All artists have a stash of sketches, photos, thoughts, polished pieces never shown and half-baked ideas that are gathering dust, we invite you to whip them out and throw them at us!
Collate Presents love to bend the rules of the well worn standard gallery model. We are looking for a large amount of 2D works/prints which we will tessellate to cover the walls of the gallery. We want to overwhelm the walls with your genius so the more the merrier!
We will be working with standard ISO paper sizes so you can opt to submit your work in four different sizes and in order to obtain a large amount of your beautiful work we have, as always, kept the costs low. We would like to see a variety of your work and give you the opportunity to show multiple pieces.
We welcome submissions from all aspects of creative genius; photographers, collage artists, digital artists, designers, makers, sculptors, writers etc.
Students and practising artists are welcome to participate from all areas of the UK.

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