Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Ideas: Jewellery by Lottie Heffer

We're going to try and help you make your Christmas shopping as easy as possible....and what's easier than buying from your own?! So we'll be featuring the work of some of our Shed Creatives that we think you might like for Christmas presents.

Below are some images of the Shed's Lottie Heffer's handmade jewellery - she lives and works in Barcelona, and you can buy and browse in person at the Shed Shop. Or you can buy online. Contact us for more info - and prices will be up here asap.

Dalmation Jasper & Sponge Coral Necklace 80€

Sponge Coral and Silver beaded necklace 100€

Operculum Necklace 110€

Sponge Coral Earrings 24€

Sponge Coral & Matt Beaded Necklace 55€

Pink Quartz & Silver Necklace 120€

Operculum & Silver Ring 110€

Dalmation Jasper Earrings 24€

Opperculum Bracelet (top) 45€
'Smartie' Jasper Bracelet 35€

Jasper & Silver long necklace 90€

Quartz & Onix Cube Necklace 150€

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