Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Reflections, Pamela Hollis

Our Artist of the Week Pamela Hollis has been taking advantage of the nice weather, and took these photos on Monday at the Marina in Weymouth. We especially appreciate the anticipation of summer they seem to embody - it's like you can almost feel the warm sun on your back when you look at them!

Thanks for these images Pamela, and here's to us all getting more camera time in as the days get longer, and the light gets more plentiful…

Life Belt Reflection, Pamela Hollis

Masts Reflection, Pamela Hollis

Reflections, Pamela Hollis

To see more of Pamela's work, please visit her own website, Holly Photographics, and her Shed Profile, where you can also buy prints of her work!

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  1. So true they do! Lovely new work Pamela!