Thursday, 22 March 2012

Guest blog: Jeanne Goodridge on Photoshop, and the work of other Shed Artists

I have finished my photoshop course today & can't wait to get started on working on some of my images, looking forward to altering them to look more like art pictures. It's amazing what you can do in this program so watch this space. I have always just wanted to take the photo & not alter it in anyway but now feel the buzz to do something different. I love the way Moya Paul works with her photos....

I have looked through all of The Shed Artists' in the hope of choosing some to comment on - so many great photos, I don't know where to start! Here goes:

Chris Daubney for his wildlife - a subject I also love photographing whilst travelling in America.

Female Leopard
Chris Daubney
Impala, nervous at the waterhole
Chris Daubney

Philippa Gedge - great Landscape photos! 
Monument Valley, Utah
Philippa Gedge

Reserva Nacional Los Flamencos 3, 
Atacama Desert, Chile
Philippa Gedge

Mark Thomas the great reflections in photos Norway 1 & 2

Norway I
Mark Thomas

Norway II
Mark Thomas

Rob Reeks, The Shed: whilst on my last trip I was finding loads of old falling down buildings to shoot, such character & trying to imagine who used to live there..
The Shed
Rob Reeks

And finally Graham Wiffen for his misty awesome pictures:
Misty Sunrise over Corfe Castle
Graham Wiffen
Morning Mists over Colmers Hill
Graham Wiffen
- Jeanne Goodridge

Many thanks indeed to Jeanne for all of her input this week, and for these reflections on the work of some of our other Shed Creatives! It's great to use this opportunity to get a bit of a dialogue going - so do comment and respond, let us know what you think of these works, which images would you have chosen? And why? Please feel free to wax lyrical... :-)

To see more of Jeanne's own work, please visit her Shed Profile, and to buy prints of the work of any of our Shed Creatives, please visit our online Shed Shop!


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