Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Guest blog by Jeanne Goodridge, Artist of the Week

Old Boat sat in Apalachicola Florida,
Jeanne Goodridge
We moved to Lyme Regis over 13 years ago when we bought a business, we leased it out 7 years ago this then gave me the time to spend on my Photography.  I belong to The Town Mill Arts Guild where I am also a committee member this gives me the chance to get involved in the exhibitions & the new retail section we have now set up, I also get to meet so many different people working with art, it is so interesting to see how everybody sees life  in their art. It makes you think how you can photograph different ways. I am exhibiting at the moment in the downstairs gallery at the The Town Mill. I also sell my work in various places in Lyme Regis & surrounding areas
At present I am on a photoshop course so trying out lots of new ideas with my present photos.

Jeanne Goodridge

I spend about 18-20 weeks of the year in N.America where I travel with my husband in our MotorHome, we have now travelled through 32 States, our next trip is planned where we will be travelling around Arkansas,Missouri,Kansas & Okaholma I have read up on the States so now can't wait to leave knowing I will see so many different places to photograph. My camera goes everywhere with me not knowing what you will encounter next.

Hells Tate National Forest, lovely reflections
Jeanne Goodridge

Coastal photograhpy is my favourite, love shooting into the waves, the water, the birds & sand patterens are all great too. We see so much different wildlife in out travels & the landscapes are awesome.

Jeanne Goodridge

- Jeanne Goodridge

To see more of Jeanne's work, please visit her Shed Profile! And connect with her on Twitter @JeanneGoodridge


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