Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Guest blog & new work by Jillian Hunt, Artist of the Week

Reclining Nude
Jillian Hunt

My background is textiles and textile design and this often shows through in my images.  They always seem to be textural and often abstract.  I look though the lens and and create a section from the 'big picture' I am looking at - like a section of a flower you may not notice or water movements that you don't see at first. Using a digital camera and taking colour into the image is another dimension I enjoy although currently I am working in the darkroom alot and getting hands on creative with black and white film again as the image dimensions become tonal instead along with the textures and abstract design.

Petals in Spring
Jillian Hunt

I run my own business as a seamstress and therefore always working with fabrics and this has lead me to look at printing my images on dress fabrics and then also as The Shed does - printing on aluminium and also I am trying perspex.  I will be showing some of these different printing ideas in an exhibition I am sharing with some other artists at The Town Mill Art Gallery at the end of September this year and possibly at the church in June in Charmouth.

- Jillian

Looking out to Sea
Jillian Hunt

To see more of Jillian's work, please visit her Shed Profile! And as ever, comments/feedback very welcome - click below to add yours :-)

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  1. seeing the new work and your background i can really see the fabric connection that I'd never made before, love the reclining nude, really strong image but beautiful and still at the same time,