Wednesday, 4 January 2012

In My Own Skin: Self Portrait Series by Lauren Fox, Artist of the Week

This is an ongoing series of photographs Lauren started work on at the beginning of last year. It is based on the idea of embodying someone else's skin for a brief moment, and becoming someone else for a fraction of a second, that brief moment before the viewer realises they are not looking at the iconic portrait of someone famous, but at an intruder. This series explores our physical limits, and plays with the idea of an icon. 
Self portrait, Ellen de Generes

Self portrait, Anthony Gormley

Self portrait, Che Guevara

Self portrait, Albert Einstein

Self portrait, Marina Abramovich

Self portrait, Patti Smith
Self portrait, Sarah Lucas

To read more about this series, visit this page on Lauren's blog. Do also have a look at her Shed Profile to see more of her other work!

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