Monday, 23 January 2012

Artist of the Week: Ana De Lima

Ahora que lo hemos dejado, Ana De Lima

Ana De Lima, illustrator and designer, is our celebrated Artist of the Week this week! Ana's background and original passion is Fashion Design, and it is only in the past 4 years or so that she has found her groove in illustration. She enjoys combining analogue and digital techniques, and her subtle, gentle drawings have recently been influenced by Japanese styles and materials. There is a playfulness as well as an underlying melancholy in Ana's images, and personally I find them utterly seductive (Lauren).

Spotify, Ana De Lima
Ana describes the 'recipe' of her drawings below -
To start with, I always use my personal aesthetic taste, a sought, naive femininity, a big dose of ambiguity, feelings and a touch of humour.
The best drive for developing my work is converting the passion of drawing into a necessity.
Apple, Ana De Lima
As ever we will be showcasing Ana's work this week, and also hearing from the artist herself, so keep an eye out! Here are a few of our favourites from Ana's Shed Profile - please do visit her profile, and also her blog to see more of her images. 

Me deje llevar, Ana De Lima

Multifunction, Ana De Lima
Ana's Blog
Ana's Shed Profile

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