Monday, 28 November 2011

Guest Blog by Patrick Ridley, Artist of the Week

Photography has always interested and inspired me.

I began taking photographs a couple of years ago with a small pocket camera, last Christmas I was lucky enough to be given a Canon XXXX , I spent the following couple of weeks photographing everything I possibly could in Bahrain. 

Everywhere I go to I take the camera if I possibly can, I love it.

I’m lucky to be able to travel with my parents so took lots of photos in Lebanon this year. Everything from the poverty of refugee camps to the splendour of the mountains and countryside.

My other passion in life so far, is scuba diving and I have an underwater camera too.  It's more difficult to use but very exciting.  

At weekends I help at a local steam museum, as well as rebuilding the old engines and operating them, I get to appreciate the industrial architecture and its beauty. Every chance I get I take photographs of the museum and the engines.

I’m trying  to discover my particular style;  I love taking photos of my friends and of the sea. Two of my friend’s fathers are professional photographers and they have let me use their studio to experiment with lighting and abstract objects which was very exciting.  

I like looking for the unusual shots in what is common around me.

I've just started a beehive so am using my bees for close-up wildlife photography!  

If you are wondering how I fit all these wonderful opportunities in with school, I'm home educated!!

The Cross, Patrick Ridley
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