Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Guest-blog by Moyal Paul, Artist of the Week

I have just got back from a fantastic coast to coast trip across the USA, touching on seven major cities and a vastness and variety of scenery that was hard to take in - from the endless flat prairie pastures of the midwest to the forests and golden Aspens of the Rockies and the incredible earth shapes and colours of the desert lands in Colorado and Arizona. We even flew along the Grand Canyon in a small plane! Now I have nearly 1000 photographs to process. Which will I keep? Which image will have captured not just the "picture outside the window" but the mood and the "feel" of the moment? Actually, despite the vastness and the beauty all around us, the images I most recall are the more homely ones - people staggering wearily off the sleeper train from Chicago in Denver, waiting in the huge vaulted station in Los Angeles with people on mobile phones and students asleep on the benches, light through arches, myriads of reflections captured in the impersonal glass windows of huge skyscrapers. 

I could have bought calendars full of better photographs that I could ever take of most of the beautiful scenery we saw but I want more than that. I want my photographs to give you a glimpse of a particular moment and if you can understand why I chose that image to save, then I will have succeeded..
Evening, mid-west, Moya Paul

Chicago Hive, Moya Paul

Monument Valley, Moyal Paul

Los Angeles Station, Moya Paul

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