Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Guest blog by Cynny Sharp, Artist of the Week

Day's Catch, by Cynny Sharp
For many years friends have remarked on and been delighted by my photos, much to my amusement and astonishment. Art and creativity have not loomed large in my day jobs and in the past they have had to take very much a back seat in my life.
Oh yes! I was a past master at clicking away at family celebrations and on holidays, with a very modest camera of the day, starting in my teens with a pale brown, very heavy and very square Brownie Box camera. Portraits cut off at the feet, red eye, squiffy focus…you get the idea!
Since those distant days, and now we are digital, I can throw caution to the winds – and how joyous that is! – snapping umpteen shots of the same scene and knowing that I won’t have to surreptitiously discard the thirty-five that didn’t make the grade, minutes after the longed-for envelope containing my photos plopped through the letter box from some far distant processing firm.
Now carried everywhere, my small digital friend, at present a Sony Cyber-shot with a Carl Zeiss lens, has opened the door to other scenic passions – of playful light, colour, secret or dramatic countrysides. My photography is more intuitive than schooled, with a large dose of curiosity.
I am now surrounded by vibrant, open and fascinating people whose photography quite stuns me with its beauty and originality. I am also delighted with what I learn from fellow exhibitors.
I sail Tall Ships, I walk hills, I adore travel – the getting there as much as arriving - and honing my photographic skills is ever strived for.
Meanwhile the encouragement offered by The Shed is very welcome and thank you so much for featuring me!

Cynny Sharp

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