Friday, 2 September 2011

Looking out, Looking In

Our first group show of Shed Creatives opens on 17th September at The Shelters, Lyme Regis. The exhibition will coincide with Lyme Regis ARTSFEST, and will feature 2D work by Shed members. 

The title and theme for the show is 'Looking out, Looking in'. We chose this theme originally because of the nature of the venue - the walls of The Shelters are glass on three sides, so the plan is to display work facing both outwards and inwards. We want to know what you think of the theme though, and how you interpret it. If you are a Shed Creative, how are you interpreting the theme in relation to your work, and how will the work you present in the exhibition represent this theme?

If you aren't a Shed Creative yet, what are your thoughts? What does the theme mean to you, what does it make you think of? If you were to submit work to the exhibition, how would it relate?

We'd love to get a bit of discussion going around the theme. Is it about personal reflection, or observing other peoples' lives? Is it about being part of something, or separate to something? Is it about being inside or out?

Comment on here, or join our facebook page to join the discussion on there too.

 The Shelters, Lyme Regis

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