Monday, 26 September 2011

Artist of the Week: Ronnie Creswell

Our artist of the week this week is Ronnie Creswell. Ronnie uses a variety of media to create her source materials, including photography, painting, drawing, felting, fabric dying and printmaking, which are then used as layers to build up “digital mixed media” images by bringing a variety of different media together in one image and exploring the contributions which can be gained from scanning and layering different pieces of work.

Her work refers to the passing of time and its effect upon our environment and reflects her interest in natural things, and she often revisits work she has done previously to recyle suitable textures or images, thus referring again to the passing of time. Here are a couple of images to whet your appetite:

Touch of Vintage 19, Ronnie Creswell

Coast, ronnie Creswell

Harebell 4, Ronnie Creswell

Ronnie's work can be viewed on the Shed website, here is a link to her artist's profile. She also contributed to our most recent group exhibition 'Looking Out, Looking In'. Do visit Ronnie's page on our website, as well as her own website to read more about her and her work, and look out for more glimpses of her this week on here.

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