Friday, 16 September 2011

A few words from our Creative Director on the eve of our first group show

It's hard not to sound trite or begin a blog without sounding cheesy or melodramatic...I have a dream kind of stuff or run of the mill, welcome to our blog. So how can I keep you interested in following us whilst trying to avoid the words 'inspiration' and the dreaded 'juxtaposition' ? I don't think I'll have to work that hard as the work speaks for itself. It's all about the artwork, the extraordinarily diverse creatives behind it and how you can become a part of it.
Here at the shed you'll see the world both close at home and in far flung places through the eyes of someone who has taken the time to look. I mean really look and then record what they see. How evocative is an old shoebox full of crumpled, faded images of family outings and then nestled in amongst the birthdays is a landscape or seascape? Here the viewer has intentionally looked at a composition, the light the lens has found for that moment catches so much more than a beach, but becomes about memory, warmth, happiness.
Our photographers walk around seeing compositions in small details or are asked to capture fleeting moments of energy as in Maisie Hill's portraits. Some of our artists take the photographic image further, abstracting them like Moya Paul. Anthea Turner's paintings are so familiar to me as they capture the essence of Lyme Regis. Lauren Fox is primarily a sculptor finding old lumps of steel, gnarled pieces of wood and welding them together, but is slowly becoming a multi disciplinary practitioner. Her most recent project based on self portraits by Sarah Lucas part of the Young British Artists movement that included her friend Tracy Emin and other iconic people who have informed her life have led her into new and slightly unsettling territory.
On a personal note I use my photos as the beginings of a painting, a running record of ideas and little details I find beautiful. Even my children pointed out recently the mottled, lichen covered rocks by the river Ter in the Pyrenees and said 'they look like mummy's paintings'! Taking endless photos for me to put in my notebook and making 'pretend' videos of themselves. For me this is the essence of why even though we may not 'understand' or 'like'  most of the art we see or be able to 'do' anything creative as adults, as children we all drew, we saw faces in clouds and made odd associations.
Our philosophy at the shed (that has been mulled over, over numerous pints of Beer and glasses of wine) is that everyone has an eye and how wonderful it is to recapture that joy we had as children taking photographs, or the pride as a professional showing your work, often done in private to the world.
I sincerely hope that as you follow this blog, you'll enjoy seeing and meeting our latest creatives to join up or see how your favourites' work develops. Go to their exhibitions, give a friend that nudge they need to take part or even sign up yourself.  Write to me, comment, disagree, suggest features and become part of a community. I hope you'll leave the shed blog and site inspired and juxtapo....phew that was close!
Art and photography is NOT elitist, it is NOT a private members club, galleries are for showing work. Look around, be slow to judge and generous with praise, encourage your friends and family to use their phones or dust off that Nikon...I can't wait to meet you and see your world through your eyes.