Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Anna Kindred on Light

"I am fascinated by the play of light in everyday situations on everyday objects and am always trying to capture its effects in a creative way. In the Liquid Light images I am fascinated by the way the light takes on a mercury-like fluidity as it plays around the human forms whilst in the Lym Water images I love how the pebble bed plays host to the reflections and shadows dancing above it.

I've recently completed a commission where I was asked to photograph the vibrant stained glass windows of a Victorian church - with the light streaming through from the outside in, it was right up my street; photographing the effects of light."

The Liquid Light Series

 Liquid Light I

 Liquid Light II

 Liquid Light III

To see the rest of the Liquid Light series, and to buy prints Anna's work, visit her Shed profile.

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